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Pure fujoshi blog. Still new to tumblr and a little bit confused with how to use it properly because everything on this site is already fucked up

  • radvera:

    Sherlock: *thinks about John*

    Sherlock: [HEAVY BREATHING]

    • Me: idk, I just find romance novels kinda boring.
    • Me: *reads a dozen fics about my OTP falling in love in one day*
  • hunting-the-tardis:

    thank you for this

  • aproximia:

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  • thekneegrope:

    sherlock when people flirt with him

    sherlock when john so much as blinks in his direction

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  • thedoctorsapprentice7:

    When someone insults your fandom


    When someones insults your OTP


    When someone thinks they’re better because they dont read or watch TV


    When someone has watched like 1 episode of a show and now think they’re an expert


    When someone compares your show to theirs


    When someone says your OTP makes no sense


    When someone wont stop saying your fandom is lame


  • kumagawa:

    this is the strongest vine I ever seen

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  • *high fives your ass*

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